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Merax brand

Merax Home

Merax Home is a general home furniture line
mainly includes classic home furniture pieces
such as dining tables, sofas, TV stands and the like.

Merax Office

Merax Office supplies primarily emphasize
both computer tables and computer chairs that
are constructed with simplicity in mind.

Merax Travel

Merax Travel focuses on high quality
multi-set suitcases that include a variety
of specialized features.

Merax Fitness

Merax Fitness provides an array of products
to promote active lifestyles and physical health
such as treadmills, bicycles and fitness bikes.

Merax Pets

Merax Pets provides accessories for dogs, cats
and small animals, ranging from pet beds,
cat activity trees, dog cages and outdoor hutches.

Merax Kids

Merax Kids provides quality products that
encourage cognitive and developmental
growth in children through play.


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